The Bud Card

The Members Only Cannabis Club that Supports Small Businesses Across America

Look, you don’t have to be told.

Small businesses, the mom and pops, have had an uphill battle.

the bud card

We saw the need for a stigma-free community where small businesses and the customers who want to shop small can thrive together. That’s why we created The Bud Card. The online community where customers get exclusive access to perks offered by local and nationwide small and boutique businesses.


What Are the Member Perks?

We’re glad you asked.

The Bud Card isn’t just a card…

It’s more like a whole shopping experience that puts small business at the heart and removes the stigma by mixing your favorite cannabis brands and dispensaries with other small businesses. The second best part? Perks. Wow, the perks.

the bud card

What's Included:

  • An online store and community that brings small business products and services to shoppers

  • Discounts and coupon codes from all our small business partners

  • A marketplace of products, services, online and live events

  • Discounted or free tickets to events

  • Frequent freebies

  • Product testing and reviews in exclusive beta launches

  • Plus way more...

Members of The Bud Card can save hundreds of dollars every year on cannabis products and beyond.

This national cannabis community of partnering businesses offers shopping members of The Bud Card exclusive discounts, and not just on cannabis or hemp products. Any small business can become a partner and offer its products. So of course you’ll find offerings from CBD Companies, Dispensaries, and MMJ Certifications, but you’ll also find products from mainstream shops like board games, jewelry, art, candles, gifts, events, and much more. It’s almost as if we don’t need to segment our interests anymore, amirite? 

the bud card

Pick Your
Membership Level

Just present The Bud Card to any one of our participating Bud Card Shop Small Partners to receive member-only discounts.


Shop in our online marketplace from any of our Bud Card Shop Small Partners! Our community is growing quickly, bringing new products online daily.

"I don't like saving lots of money"
- Definitely No One Ever
“Multi-billion dollar corporations and the world’s wealthiest people need my money to survive”
- Literally Zero People
“As a small business owner, every single purchase makes a difference in my life.”
(Wow… that’s a lot of people!)
the bud card


Basic Member

(10%-15% off)

what is the bud card


Premium Member

(15-30% off + Basic + Other perks and freebies)

the bud card


Platinum Member

(20%–30% off + Premium + 4 Bud Boxes/yr)

Benefits Basic Member Premium Member Platinum Member
Save when supporting small businesses
10% - 15%
15% - 30%
20% - 30%
Be a part of our online community (like the FB, but not…at all)
Access our Bud Card Shop Small Partner's online shops filled with boutique products, art, merch, cannabis products, and more.
Discounted or free tickets to events
Frequent freebies
Discounted or free tickets to educational classes and more
Frequent raffles and contests/prizes
Product testing and reviews in exclusive beta launches
Earn incentives the more you engage through Bud Card bucks and climb the ranks
Have unique opportunities to give your feedback and opinions on products and services in the industry.
4 Bud Boxes each year, filled with curated products from our Bud Card Shop Small Partners
Supporting small cannabis and other non-cannabis businesses through the Platinum membership creates the biggest impact. For just $120/year, you unlock the biggest discounts and perks from our Bud Card Shop Small partners.
you love.

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to become a Bud Card Shop Small Partner?