Bud Card Shop Small Partners

“As a small business owner, every single purchase makes a difference in my life.” - Where Do We Begin?

Our Bud Card Shop Small Partners include:

(Wow… that’s a lot of people.)
the bud card

Included in your Bud Card Shop Small Partner Membership:

Running a business is a big commitment. By Joining the Bud Card online community as a Bud Card Shop Small Partner, you make a giant leap toward reaching your ideal customers in a collaborative and easy-to-use platform. Leverage your buying power and collaborate with other brands. Take part in events that drive sales and brand awareness. Participate in bi-monthly “Toke N’ Talks”, and take advantage of our Business Booster seminars to help small businesses. Your membership creates a community around your brand. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Annual fee - $600/year

Partnership includes:

  • Special opportunities to exhibit at Bud Card partnered conferences and events (previous examples include: Trap Culture, Buds Glass Joint, Cannatainment, Women in Cannabis Expo, Imperious Cannabis Expo)

  • One free customer Premium Membership: gives you access to discounts, newsletters & social media promotions

  • Unlimited free customer Basic memberships for all members on your staff

  • A new business feature on the website, social media, & newsletter

  • Access to our private online Bud Card community

  • Access to networking opportunities & events nationwide at discounted rates

  • Discounts on Bud Card business partners' services (when possible)

  • Toke N' Talks (bi-monthly) to network and build relationships

  • Business Builder Seminars - Hands-on opportunities to gain knowledge, tools, & resources to build your business

  • Leverage bulk buying on promotional materials for your business and event space

  • Offer your target audience exclusive discounts they are poised to take advantage of

  • With a captive and engaged audience of community members, you can test your new products and offerings in our beta feedback project. Get real feedback from our national Platinum Members on new products, marketing ideas, etc.

All Partners Agree To:

  1. Honor the discounts offered to The Bud Card members within The Bud Card community
  2. Check the member’s Bud Card and confirm it has not expired- (only applies to in-person purchases)
  3. Offer discounted rates to the events you host and publicize to other Bud Card Shop Small Partners
  4. Actively participate with the features and opportunities that are presented within The Bud Card community to keep engagement high.
  5. Communicate with The Bud Card about any new products or services you are offering
  6. Provide The Bud Card with samples/giveaway/educational material to promote your business
the bud card

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Check out the community as a Bud Card Shop Small Partner today:

Bud Card Shop Small Partner Membership

$600.00 / year

Become a partner with The Bud Card National Community & support each other in a budding industry! Receive exclusive benefits including: marketing opportunities, networking with industry partners, brand exposure, deals, & more!