About Us

Customers and small businesses from around the U.S. are forming the foundation of The Bud Card Shop Small community and initiative. When we shop small, we actively pour back into our communities. Your purchases support small and scaling start-up business owners and their families. Making your dollar go further and our impact deeper. Join us in The Bud Card community as a member to join in our efforts to unite communities through small business.

Because #SmallBusinessCreatesCommunity

Where it all started

Like all great origin stories, the idea for The Bud Card started out as a scribble on a post-it note stuck to a mirror, where it lived for 3 years as a mere dream. In 2018 The Bud Card founder, Amanda Nash, was ready to take that post-it note off the mirror and make it a reality. At the heart and soul of this initiative, was her love for small business, a deep passion to support entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, and the drive to spread the news about these great brands to consumers everywhere.

Today, The Bud Card partners with small businesses and supporting organizations that all have the same goal; to create community through small business and thrive because of it.

What we’re made of:

  • Heart

    Everything we do is because we care deeply about hard-working small business owners.

  • Determination

    Small business owners know just how much effort goes into running a business. We push forward every day with our mission at the helm.

  • Hard work

    Even when you're working smart, working hard is what get's things done.

  • Inclusiveness

    Hate does not exist here. If you are human, you are welcome.

  • Grit

    Our mission has remained the same since day one, and our strength of character makes it possible to.

  • Persistence

    With every hurdle, we leap. We find solutions that benefit everyone and not the few.

  • Patience

    Great things take time, and cooler heads always prevail.

  • Community

    When we work together, advocate together, and shop together we make it possible to build a community that thrives. #smallbusinesscreatescommunity

Our Values

the bud card

Create Community:

We've made this online platform to give YOU the power to shop small and support the hard-working members of the community where you live and work. Through this platform, we believe both our partnering businesses and shoppers find deeper meaning in every purchase and put intentionality behind spending. These seemingly small interactions and transactions make a big impact at the end of the day.

the bud card

Support Community:

The Bud Card platform offers members incredible benefits, leveraging power, industry perks, and a community of like-minded partners to collaborate with and benefit from. With Bud Card's exclusive conference and event host partnerships, we are able to offer discounted show rates to our members. When your dollar goes further, you can do more!

the bud card

Give Back to the Community:

Each year we make it a priority to choose worthy causes to give back to. When we band together in support of our community, we show other businesses and individuals that big things are possible with the help of our community. Last year, we did this by raising $5000 for Dr. Sue Sisley & the Scottsdale Research Institute. We also gave back to Tom's Palms and Garden Hope.

Frequently A’d Qs

No! You don't. The Bud Card saves you money at many businesses where an MMJ Card is not required. Depending on your state and the products you are purchasing you may need an MMJ card to buy specific products offered in our online shop.
Head over to our Become a Bud Card Member page to sign up for a membership. Then create your login and password. Sign in via the MY ACCOUNT button on the upper right-hand side of the HOME screen. Boom! You’re in!
Shopping in person? Present The Bud Card at any of our participating dispensaries or shop locations. Shopping online? Log in to the online community to find your online discount codes. Please make sure to check the calendar for any restrictions on a particular day. The Bud Card is only honored when the name on the card matches the name of the purchaser. If you have any problems using your card, please let us know right away.
After you create your account at checkout, you’ll be signed in to your account. Look for the person icon in the top right corner of the page to log in.
Login to your account to edit the contact information on your profile.
You can see which membership you have by going to the "Manage Subscription" link in their profile dropdown to see your active subscription.
No. Each card comes with the owner's name and an individualized bar code that can only be used by the pass owner. Refer your friends here for $10 in Bud Card Bucks!
We have many committed Dispensaries and Venues that participate in the Bud Card Shop Small Partnership program. Dispensaries and Venues are always subject to change. New locations are often added. We are expanding our directory of partners every day.
Adults, 18 years of age or older are welcome to join The Bud Card community. To participate in Adult-use and Dispensary offerings, you may need to be 21+.
100%! We are always looking at adding additional Dispensaries and Venues to The Bud Card. Know of a great business that should be a Bud Card Shop Small Partner? Send them a referral code and get $10 Bud Card bucks to spend in the community!
Bud Card bucks are like cash you can spend in The Bud Card marketplace and community. Think of it as our internal rewards points you can use with all our Bud Card Shop Small Partners!
You may cancel your membership at any time by emailing us at admin@thebudcard.org. Please allow 48 business hours to process cancellations. If you have trouble reaching us by email for any reason please call us at 602.703.7580.
All cancellations and refunds will be handled on a one-on-one basis. The Bud Card is an annual membership subscription and members may cancel their membership at any time. If canceling a year's membership before the end of the year, the refund will be prorated if the membership was purchased at full price.
Want to chat through some questions that weren’t listed here? Reach out! Have questions about the return policy? Contact us at admin@thebudcard.org.

Do you have questions?